La Ventata, Mexico

We cater to a culture of windseekers. We provide a comfortable, friendly and fun environment where customers can eat, drink and connect in the shade and out of the wind. We believe kiters, windsurfers, their friends and family want music, beer, healthy food and margaritas. Everything is made from scratch at Playa Central.

Our central beach location in the bay gives for a perfect launch, as well as good conditions and sandy beaches for safe launching and landing. La Ventana Bay’s opposite J shaped shores, provide a catching net for all swimmers. Sandy beaches and no tall buildings, with warm blue waters provide an incredible scene while kiteboarding, with manta rays jumping around you, to close encounters with whales and dolphins – this paradise assures you will feel one with the wind, water and nature.



Playa Central was built to be a venue for kite competitions, with a rooftop race viewing deck, grassy patch for gear, shaded areas and ample building and storage space, kiters can find their own corner where they can plug in, connect, rest up, fuel up just in time for a golden session. It is a place where you can walk in with sandy feet and dripping in your wet suit – kite in, kite out lunch breaks and beer breaks.

With a kiteboarding school that teaches all disciplines, a full kitchen with yummy baked goods and grilled deliciousness, a staff that believes that life is better when the wind blows and dig-your-own-hot-spring being a 15 minute drive from town, it is a kiter’s paradise. No wind in the morning, no problem! Go mountain biking, sports fishing or spear fishing with the locals. Ride a horse up in to the dessert and watch the wind come in. La Ventana creates a paradise few will ever know and because we follow the wind, we are happy, healthy and here!


Join is at Playa Central for your next kiteboarding experience. Our season starts October 1st and ends in April. We have a light wind season from April to September that is a fantastic place for foilers to come play. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll tell you the best place to stay and best time to come.

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